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Pico Iyer’s “Why We Travel”

The second paragraph from the article ‘Why we Travel’ resonated with me because traveling to a different country from what I am used to shows me new cultures and other habitats. But traveling to a new place also gives me a ‘better sense of wisdom and compassion’ for the world around me because even though we may be miles apart there are still some similarities to people in other countries. I particularly liked the sentence about the connection between ‘travel’ and ‘travail’ because the words are similar, but have slightly different meanings. In the article it stated that ‘I know that I travel in large part in search of hardship– both my own. This sentence resonated with me because traveling to a new country that you barely speak the language and staying in new country for 3 weeks  is a hardship, but traveling also has many positives. For example getting to see different cultures and customs.