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Pondering Prompt 1

I certainly cannot call myself an expert on climate change as my life has not yet been as dramatically impacted by it as many others around the globe….who have already have had their lives altered as a result of it.  I know what I hear and what I study and I learn through teaching. I fear the not too far off consequences of how it could devastate our race…. as no ones fault but our own. It is important to me because I survive and am energized by nature…. I live for wandering in the mountains and relaxing by a creek with loved ones and want to preserve my surroundings and the resources that it offers that give us life. I passionately engage student in investigating and experimenting with causes and effects of contamination of the air and soil as well as understanding renewable vs non renewable resources. We are currently intertwined in discovering what are our universal human rights and investigating global social injustices while we simultaneously experiment with solar energy. (In attached pics I took today you can see my students collecting data on how solar energy relates to absorption, reflection and concentration…and also their brainstorm lists and KWLs on my board-in Spanish)

In Bolivia I hope to gain insight into the non-Western perspective on these issues and find out more about how these issues have impacted them and their communities, with the ultimate goal of infusing these perspectives into the learning of my future students. I also hope to learn more about experiential learning as I have been experimenting with it in my classroom with the goal of making students the leaders of their own learning (not just passive receptors), but I still have a long journey ahead of me!