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Pre-Departure Readings and Themes

Readings and Materials Before the Course
Over the next six weeks, Gina, Stephen and Iván will share readings and media links on this Yak Board for you to review, reflect and share your observations and thoughts.  The materials will be based on three central strands that run through the vast topic of Climate Change and the Educator Course in Bolivia: Popular Education, Climate Justice, and climate change in the Andes and Amazon. After each themed post on the field notes, you will be invited to contribute to the discussion by responding to guiding questions or with your own freestyle response.  These readings and online reflections provide the grounding for experiential learning and discussions during the course.

It is useful to reflect on your initial thoughts and expectations before immersing yourself in readings on Climate Change in Bolivia and the themes of the course.  Consider the questions below and spend some time journaling about your thoughts.  We recommend that you keep your notes and read them after you return from Bolivia.  You may be surprised by your shift in understandings.

Popular Education: From where do we gain knowledge? How do we make space for collective knowledge production? What are the ways that we are willing, and not willing, to participate in the co-creation of knowledge?

Climate Justice: What can Bolivia teach us about the ways that the ill effects of climate change will disproportionately affect some members of society more than others? What are we called to do as global community members to address this? What are the ways that Bolivians have leveraged their world views and community structures to combat global forces of climate change?

Climate Change in the Andes and Amazon: How does Bolivia’s unique and varied landscape give us a sharper lens to see the current biological effects of climate change?

As an additional activity, you could discuss these questions with your students, and incorporate their answers into a post-course lesson to teach to what you saw and experienced and how it may have changed your perspectives.

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