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Ready for Mangoes??

Sawasdee krap!

It takes a lot of courage to travel far from home. In doing so we willingly walk away from our loved ones, our comforts, our favorite foods, and ultimately the very way in which we are conditioned to perceive this miracle of a journey we call life. Indeed, there are countless ways to travel along this road and when we venture far from what we know we are offered a glimpse into not only other ways of eating, dressing, talking, etc, but we are gifted the extraordinary opportunity to witness and possibly even experience directly, other ways of seeing and being altogether.

We bow to you all, recognizing the difficulties in making such a noble choice. To be far from home can be challenging in ways those who opt for easier paths do not fully understand. The adventures ahead will be at times very difficult. We ask a great deal of you on Dragons courses and we empathize with the shared struggles that inevitably come when genuinely seeking wisdom. But we assure you, the rewards are worth the hardships. And as we nomads have come to know, the journey itself IS the destination!

We are honored to be your leaders, teachers, guides, and above friends and fellow seekers as we venture together through the Land of Smiles.

If you have any questions or simply wish to share your feelings over the next few weeks as we all collectively prepare for departure, please post a “yak”, as inevitably your questions are shared by others and others will therefore benefit from your courage to ask.

Chok dii krap!

Gregory Pettys