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Photo by Emily Shahrzad Rahravan, Indonesia Semester.

Revise your expectations

When I was a kid, I remember accusing my neighbor of stealing my sled. I was so sure! Then when Spring came, and the snow melted away, there it was emerging from a drift, and I was ashamed. I had been wrong. When I read these articles about “rising intolerance”, it reminded me of that story. Sometimes our assumptions about our neighbors are just wrong, but we find it easier to justify our opinions rather than revise them. The easiest way to overcome homophobia is to become friends with a gay person. Your assumptions and expectations will change.

It was frightening to read the articles attached to Matt’s post. I was interested in the difference between the tone of those articles and the one in our “pack” about transgender muslim women. How do those women live their lives in an intolerant culture? I am very curious about the struggles they face. I also was interested to note how Christianity was identified with Chinese Evangelical immigrants in Java – definitely not my experience, knowing how those same Christians are suppressed in China.  So much to learn!