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Caray!! … that introduction of Gina is wonderful, and I did not feel that it is extensive, because it is enveloping, it caught me. Thanks Stephen for your note that helps me to know you more.

I am very curious to meet all of you personally, after reading your forms, I have an idea, but after Christina’s first intervention, I want to greet you, hug you, immerse ourselves in this collective and community adventure.


I am a very new instructor in Dragones, but surely one of the ones with the most accumulated experience, I am 54. I know the Dragons, because they came closer to our lives 15 years ago, here in El Alto, at a little more than 4000 meters above sea level, where you will also be in a short time. The special methodology of learning walking, a pedagogy of adventure, and an unusual immersion in other cultures, with dialogue, respect, and building joint commitments, caught my attention, and we became partners, and now, I am part of this wonderful team .

But the adventure, the risks to learn, the commitment to finding a decent future for all of us is nothing new to me. At 6 years old my father died as a guerrilla in Bolivia, for a fate similar to those who dream of improving life in our common home. Since then, I have tried to build my own ways to try to transform a world in many aspects so unfair. I studied Sociology for this and I do Community Theater for the last 37 years of my life, for this same reason.

If you put my name in the google in this way ivan nogales teatro trono or also ivan nogales cultura viva comunitaria, you can see me in some very beautiful actions that I made with colleagues from Latin America and also Europe, and sometime in Chicago.

I am with many wishes to share with you the paths I traveled, and to contribute, to discover together, how to avoid collective, massive suicide, to those who are systematically pushed, in the name of sacrosanct modernity. As Stephen said, luckily, there is hope. I feel that your arrival, here, will be to cultivate that hope, so necessary.