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Updates to Packing List!

Greetings from your instructors team!

We wanted to give you an update on packing. It’s important to stick to the packing list outlined in your Course Preparation Manual and remember that packing light is key! Sometimes this requires a few rounds of packing, unpacking, considering what you really do or don’t need and then repacking again so don’t leave this till the last minute!

Things to consider when packing is that it is the rainy season in India, so you will want to bring clothing that dries quickly. Along those lines it can be nice to have a pair of rubber (non fabric/leather) flip flops/sandals to walk around in because it doesn’t matter if they get wet. For longer hikes and walks you will still want sturdier shoes as outlined in the packing list but sandals are a nice option for certain days and activities.

In addition to what is outlined in your packing list we wanted you to also include the following items:

– A watch (with an alarm) this is helpful in making sure you are on time for activities, and also able to wake yourself up on time in the mornings! Make sure before you leave you  how to change the time and set the alarm!

Water cleaning system: chlorine drops such as Aqua Mira or a filter such as the Sawyer Mini or LifeStraw. We will always have a way as a group to clean our water but have found it is also nice to have a personal back up system just in case.

Insect Repellent: some sort of natural or DEET free kind. Generally the mosquitos and insects are not too bad but nice to have on hand in case!

If you have any questions about what to pack post it to the yak board and one of will get back to you! Its likely other students have the same question, so posting here is great way for the whole group to be on the same page.


Sharon, Vincent, and Hilary.