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Welcome from Luis

Hello students and parents,

My name is Luis Alvarado and I’ll be one of your instructors on your program in Bolivia. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get to share this experience with you. I’m writing to you today from my living room here in Cochabamba, Bolivia where I’ve lived for the past two years. Bolivia is a truly special place with a lot to share, congratulations on your choice to come and learn here!

As I mentioned, I’ve been living in Bolivia for the past two years. However over the course of working with Dragons for the past eight years I’ve been lucky enough to work in over ten countries with dozens of students. I can say with certainty that each experience is powerful, memorable and has the potential to influence the rest of your life if you approach it with an open mind and heart.

Here in Bolivia you’ll have the chance to connect with people by living with people in their homes, sharing with them and learning their language and traditions. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with nature by spending time in stunning landscapes, mountains and forests. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect to Andean culture through music (something all of us on your instructor team love), food, dance, ceremony and so many other unexpected ways. Most importantly, these opportunities provide you with a mirror to view your own culture, values and interests in a new way. I’m really honored and thrilled to be able to support you through this experience!

We’ll all get to know each other well over the course of the month together. However please do post a brief introduction to yourself here on the Yak board so that we can get that process rolling. And of course if you have any questions don’t hesitate to post them here as well so that we can respond or feel free to send me an email at [email protected].

Gracias and I look forward to meeting you soon!