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Why We Travel Interpretation

I have traveled abroad before to Italy, Peru, and the Dominican Republic, places that all seem very different from afar but brought out a similar feeling in me- comfort.  For some strange reason, I have always found some sort of comfort in the unknown and being in situations completely new to me; being able to remove myself from my day to day life and ordinary stress produces an environment that encourages truly living in the moment.  And like Pico Iyer said, “Travel, for many of us, is a quest for not just the unknown but the unknowing; I, at least, travel in search of an innocent eye that can return me to a more innocent self”.  It can be so easy to wrap yourself up in the tiny part of the world we see normally and breaking away from our norm provides a better lens, equipped with depth and experience, to understand others better.  The small sense of peace that comes with traveling is knowing that my experiences, good or bad, will help shape me to have a new perspective on the world. Without some risk, I would be oblivious to things beyond my comprehension and with that newfound knowledge, I am able to humble myself and uncomplicate situations with a new outlook.