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A Note on Technology

Hi Everyone,

It’s rare in today’s society that we get a chance to step away from the devices that we use to communicate and organize our lives. At Dragons we believe that taking the space from some of the technology we’re used to while on course helps create a more connected and focused environment and ultimately a better experience for everyone. That’s why as a team we’re asking you to please leave phones, computers and tablets at home when you come to Bolivia.

The main two questions people ask about this policy are: Can I bring my phone as a camera? and How will I communicate with my family? We ask that even you don’t even bring your phone as a camera. Please bring a digital camera that is not a phone for the trip. As far as communicating with your family, there will be plenty of opportunities to write them over the course of your time in Bolivia. You will also be posting Yaks that all families can read. And of course if there is an urgent situation your instructors can always put you in direct communication with your family.

Please consider this a unique opportunity in your life to be away from certain technologies. We’ll help you with whatever needs you have along the way and of course if there are any questions don’t hesitate to be in touch.


Sandy, Sarah and Luis