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A Note to Home. First Impressions & Hellos

Here is a note from all the students about their first impressions and any thoughts to home. Sorry we were unable to post a photo due to slow internet. We will when we can!!!

Alexa — Mom – do your best not to worry! I miss you, but I’m surrounded by wonderful people. I’m growing and learning more every minute. Dad – You should be sooooo jealous. Everything here is absolutely ALIVE. I’ve never felt so in tune with nature and my core values. I miss and love you tons.

Anna — Everyone is really fun and interesting and it’s really beautiful here. I will bring back some coffee! xx

Cara — the tortillas are amazing and I haven’t pet any animals yet so we can call it a success, it’s amazing here!

Blake — Everything is going really well. The food is really good and there are a lot of animals (not to pet). I’m excited to see more of Guatemala in the upcoming weeks. Love, Blake.

Eli — I’m loving everything so far. I have already made great friends and can’t wait to see more of Guatemala.

Emma — Not touching the animals is proving to be difficult, but other than that everything is proving to be very fun.

Katherine — Mom, you will be happy to know I didn’t pet the cows, even though they are very, very cute. Dad, I’m wearing sunscreen. Overall it’s beautiful here and everyone is super nice. Love you!

Laila — The food is really good. Catch me back in America mad at 100% of tortillas. Tell Claude I say hello. xoxo

Lesedi — Turns out Guatemala has a lot of fast food places, the first thing I said when I landed was “Oh no, Hardy’s.” Love you Mom! – SEDS.

Roadney –I’m really enjoy the scenery thus far. Everyone was welcoming almost immediately, and this a great beginning to the month.

Rose — Turns out I can still be medavact even though I got 3 shots!! Mom, I cant’ pet any dogs! But it’s great here. Love you.

Thyra — Everything is fine so no need to panic. Everyone here is super cool and easy. Overall having a great time – lots of Love, T.