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Arrivals in Cochabamba

Buenos dias a todos!  We are looking forward to meeting everyone on Sunday and hope that your respective journeys are on the one hand uneventful and on the other contribute to a sense of excitement and curiosity about the next two weeks we will be spending together. Weather is nice here in Cochabamba, sunny and dry during the day and chilly in the evening, due to it being winter here in the southern hemisphere.

We are busy preparing for your arrival and have a few important pieces of information:

-Mark, Annie and Heather – when you arrive, please take an airport taxi to your hotel. They are lined up right outside of the airport and will have an airport taxi sign on the outside. It should cost 5oBs (you can change dollars – look for “Cambio” – into Bolivianos in the airport, the exchange rate is about 6.95Bs/$1.00). On Sunday, please have your hotel arrange a taxi back to the airport so that you will be there by 12:15pm, we will be looking for you there.

-Everyone else, Gina, Ivan and I will be waiting at the airport with Mark, Annie and Heather on Sunday at 12:15pm. Once everyone is together, we will be taking a bus out to El Poncho Ecovilla, a retreat center on the outskirts of the city. We will get you checked in and then have our first meal together.

-Mark, Annie and Heather, please avoid eating uncooked vegetables (salads, for example) and unpeeled fruit and drinking/brushing teeth with tap water during your first day in Cochabamba. It might be hard to resist but you will be thankful later knowing that you have avoided potential stomach bugs. We will go over health and safety issues on Sunday and advise on when and where to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.

-Everyone, please note my mobile number, +591-72585573 and do not hesitate to call me if you need help, no matter the time of day (or night). I also use WhatsApp with a US line, +413-270-1988.

That is it for the moment, see you all very soon! Stephen, Gina and Ivan