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Beijing Day 2


Today we traveled up and down the Meridian Line of Beijing. We began our journey with some steamed buns in the morning, and then traveled to Tiananmen Square where we met our tour guide Susie. Susie provided an enlightening example of how censored people feel here by avoiding the topic of the Tiananmen Square massacre, and mentioning the statistic that China overall believes Mao was 60% good and 40% bad. From there we went through the Forbidden City and Imperial garden, and ate spicy vegetarian Beijing burritos (煎饼). We also explored the Bell and Drum towers, and were able to watch the drum ceremony. We were then able to go shopping for an hour and during dinner we met up with Sun Laoshi’s grandmother. Emmanuel also gave a performance in Houhai, the city by the river, and we attracted a big crowd. We took the subway home, and found that the MTA could learn a lot from the Chinese subway system. Today we walked a total of 9.6 miles, and had another great day in Beijing!