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Cambodia Tuesday, June 19

It was a nice and relatively relaxed day in Battambang today. We began the day with some fruit shakes and pancakes at a nearby restaurant, then some writing about a day in the life of a random person on the street. After that, we went on a scavenger hunt for fruits, beads, candles, and incense. We bought way too much fruit but we still had a lot of fun exploring the market. Everyone then grabbed lunch separately in the market and we all regrouped back at the hotel. We then went to an art gallery to watch a documentary about the music and art of Cambodia throughout history. We learned a lot about how the Khmer Rouge abolished all forms of art and few songs survived past the regime of Pol Pot. After the documentary, we spent more time in the gallery enjoying art and playing cards. We walked to dinner at a nearby restaurant and we had a very special guest named Tsnily join us. He was a very good artist and also a very interesting man. After an excellent dinner of various foods and shakes, we headed back to the hotel, concluded the day with our night meeting, and went to bed. Some more exploring and hiking await us tomorrow.