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Crossing Borders


I was lucky enough to have an outdoor childhood, full of hiking, and  playing in creeks.  I hope future generations have a sustainable planet.

I live in an area that has had diminished snowpack the last several years.  With less snowpack, there is less runoff, less water for farming, homes, and commercial use.  Everyone in my rural area thinks about water, farmers, farm workers, the tomato cannery—everyone.

I was shocked during the height of the drought that Los Angeles—where we send water—was not conserving water as vigorously as we were.   Were they unaware our lawns were brown while theirs were green?  Seeing green LA lawns, made me feel my conservation practices were in vain.   I felt I was too small to be impactful.  I came back to the decision that I have to do what I can to help the Earth, even if my impact is small.

We all bring our experiences with us, the openness to others values, and ways of thinking allow us to view/experience new ideas with a receptive mind and heart.

I am very open to learning on this journey.  I am open to planned learning, and surprise learning.

Photo:  I will be traveling in the height of gardening season, so I let me flowers go wild.  I hope the blackberries in the background ripen before I leave.