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Day 3!!!

Today, the bulldogs took on the task of attending our first Chinese classes. We all started out the day meeting with our host students and their classmates. We met in an assembly room and were officially introduced to our Chinese classmates. We were told to say an interesting fact about ourselves but apparently the only things we do are sports, considering that was all of our interesting facts. Afterwards, we split our group up and attended English class, where we all took a quiz on an article titled, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior.” In my personal opinion, I thought it was very easy, which makes me wish quizzes at Norfolk Academy could be like that. Although Beijing 101’s school day is very long, they have many breaks, so it didn’t feel like long classes at all. We went to the school wife ceremony of raising the flag and all of the students were so synchronized when the flag was being raised, and during the lead up to raising the flag. We all then went to the Juniors’ class of a Cross Cultural Seminar and we all really bonded with the other students. Some of us even gave our instagrams to some of the students to keep in touch with them. During the afternoon, we went to a Chinese Ceramics class where we painted plates and necklaces. It is not evident that many of us aren’t the best painters, except Sammi, she’s still the best at painting. As a group, we went to our first Chinese class, where we learned the numbers 1-10. We played a number game and that really showed how competitive we can all become. We ended our first day of school with a fun game of ultimate frisbee. My team was amazing and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Ultimate frisbee was a great way to end our amazing day full of new experiences. Day sān (3) was a great funfilled success!!