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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

FAQs for Morocco

Labas (How are you) Dragons students?

First, shokran bezaf (thank you very much) for posting your introduction Yaks! We can see the excitement for our travels in Morocco is palpable in all of us, and since we’ve finished all the student phone calls, we wanted to post a FAQs Yak. In all honesty, there weren’t too many because everyone has been proactive in seeking out the information they need in the Course Preparation Manual (CPM). Shokran!


How much, and what for? It is recommended that you bring $100-$150 dollars. Morocco is a closed currency so we’ll exchange money when we arrive in Casablanca. If you prefer to bring a debit card to withdraw Moroccan dirhams throughout the course, that is just fine. Access to atms will not be a problem. Please notify your bank that you’ll be traveling abroad. The money you bring is for personal items you’d like to buy on course. Maybe you need more toiletries, or you’d like to buy a special treat or item while walking in the souq (market).


For whom, and what? Gifts are meant for the families you will be living with during your homestays. You don’t have to bring gifts. It is not a requirement of this course. However, if you would like to, it’s recommended that you bring something small that represents you. If you would like to buy something in country like fruit for dessert or a picture frame for a photo, remember to bring a little extra cash.

Finally, please read through your CPM again to make final preparations for our epic Moroccan adventure, and if you still have questions feel free to contact us or the Dragons’ office. We are so excited to see you soon!

Ma’a salama (with peace),

The Morocco Instructor Team

P.S. If you are meeting us in D.C., please remember to arrive at the Air France ticketing counter by 3:00 pm at the latest on June 28th. Ismail will be meeting us in Casablanca.