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First Day in China

Today we had our first adventure into the Chinese wilderness. From our “hotel” in a remote town three hours away from Beijing, we hiked nearly two hours to reach a secluded spot on the Great Wall. The Wall was old, crumbling, and overgrown with plant life. We barely saw any people besides ourselves. The view was spectacular: we were surrounded by mountains and greenery. The Wall also made a unique classroom for our discussion of China’s center vs periphery. After returning to our rural “hotel” for lunch, we took a three hour car ride to have our first glimpse of China’s large, modern capital—Beijing. We walked to the City Planning Museum to see a 3D model of modern Beijing and to conclude our day, feasted on crispy roast duck wraps with former Trinity students Isaiah and Jasmine. We had a bit of free time for shopping—everything was cheap—and after a long, exhausting day of exploration, we all wanted to lie down and sleep.