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First full day in Nanyaocun

Today we all woke up in our home stay families for an early breakfast and then set out to meet with the rest of our group. We reconnected at the house where our directors are staying, and our meeting here consisted of reflections over the previous night, energizers, and a short lesson in Chinese. Then, we broke up into groups to map out the village we will be living in for the next few days. Splitting up at lunch time, I headed back to my family and joined them in their chores: sorting hay, cleaning dishes, weeding the garden, and sweeping (all common activities for NA students to do at their own houses). Although I couldn’t speak very much to my family members, we have found ways to communicate. Finally, my home stay mother and I set out to work in her field just outside of the village. We received some help from Rose and her aunt later, but it was still a rigorous job. Overall, the first full day with our new families proved to be an exciting and fulfilling day!