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Hi y’all! My name is Julia. I am 15 and super excited to meet all of you! We have less than a week! I enjoy music, robotics, doing sculpture, and exploring outside. I have taken one year of Spanish at school so I am hoping this trip will help me work on my Spanish some as well.

I am most excited about trekking! My family and I love to go on hikes and explore nature; however, I have never gone on a trek before. The idea of traveling and discovering what is in the Amazon and the Andes amazes me. I hope we all have fun as we experience a whole new culture together.

What I learned about Pachamama: Pachamama is indigenous to the people of the Andes. She is the goddess of fertility, planting, and harvesting. The people say that she even causes earthquakes. The people of the Inca culture claim that the water, Earth, sun, and moon all originate from her as well. They sacrifice llamas, guinea pigs, and burnt garments to her, and they have a special worship day for Pachamama called Martes de Challa.

Can’t wait to see you guys in a few days!

Julia Dase