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Hey guys! I’m Morgan

Hey guys!

My name is Morgan and I am from Orlando, Florida. The way I got involved with Mandarin is pretty boring but the experiences have been incredible. In 7th grade, students were able to chose from Mandarin, Spanish, Latin, or French. Up until 7th grade, all students were required to take Spanish so being able to chose what language we took was a pretty big deal. Most of my friends decided to continue with Spanish, as it was the east option. However, for whatever reason, I wanted to take Mandarin. My mom strongly discouraged it because she thought it would be too challenging. Now, looking back, I can confidently say that choosing to take Mandarin was the best decision I ever made. While the Mandarin program at my school has provided me with numerous opportunities, I find that language learning in the classroom is very limiting. It is hard to find an environment in Orlando where I can be fully immersed in Mandarin. I think this trip is the perfect opportunity to supplement my learning.

At school, I am apart of the speech and debate team and enjoy competing in various events. I also have a job at a boba tea shop called Vivi bubble tea. These two activities take up most of my time and are my main two extracricuulars. Outside of school, I really like going to the beach, hanging out at universal, and film photography.

I’m super pumped to meet you all soon!