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¡Hola amigos!

Hey guys! My name is Vanessa Payne, but weirdly enough no one really calls me by my real/full name. I’m mostly called “Van,” “V” or “Vane” by my friends and family, so feel free to call me whatever variaton of my name you feel fits best when you meet me in a couple of days. I’m from Los Angeles, California and I’m going to be a senior next year. A couple things about me: I love classic rock, rock and anything Hall and Oats. My main passion is art – i could stay in the studio forever and never get tired of it. Lastly, i love love love speaking spanish…granted my spanish is not that great, but i take every opportunity that i can to practice with the people around me. Los Angeles is a melting pot of people, so i have found that there are always opportunities to expand upon my vocabulary and fluency. In terms of school, my favourite subjects are history and psychology + i’m involved in a number of different groups and clubs. At my school (Harvard-Westlake), I am a leader of Peer Support which is a program that offers a safe atmosphere for students to talk about issues and emotions they may be experiencing. On top of that, i play volleyball/beach volleyball and work as a camp counselor. Im sorry im uploading this so late, but i cant wait to meet you all, share stories and experience guatemala’s culture and beauty with you. ¡Hasta pronto amigos!



P.S. the photos i uploaded include the best solo picture of my face that i could find and some of my favourite places in los angeles. The one that looks like the sunset scene from Lion King is at “Top of the World” in the Pacific Palisades, the one of the mural is on Melrose (its surrounded by what i consider to be the steet fashion district of la) and the last one is of me and some friends (also on our trip ) on a beach in Cadiz, España. Hoping to capture some sick moments on this trip as well!