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Homestay Gift

Homestay Gifts

Many of you might wonder what to bring as a gift for your home stay. Your families aren’t expecting a gift from you but it is a nice gesture to bring something small to share. We’ll have one home stay and you will meet other students your age that you may like to give a gift to, as well.

A few ideas for gifts to bring:

Tea from America

Soccer ball (deflated! They will have a pump in Myanmar)

Calendars with scenes from your home country

Hats or T-shirts from your hometown or American sports teams

Anything to do with the NBA or English Premier League Soccer (Soccer is HUGE in Myanmar)

CDs of Western music (burned CDs OK)

Unique local products from your hometown

Picture books of American scenes

Framed photos of you and your family (no photos of people in swimsuits or drinking alcohol, please)

Anything personal that will remind them of you!

Nice pens for the teenage students

Sturdy locking plastic freezer bags for the Moms (they love this stuff!)

Headlamps (no need to buy the most expensive kind) These are invaluable in the villages as many have no electricity.

Of course you can also buy things in Myanmar to give to your home-stay families, but you may want to bring something from home too.

Instructor Team

Ei, Siang, Micah