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India trip :)

I see travelling as an escape to the reality that this world has sculpted for ‘our’ generation. Somehow we get sucked into this twisted reality when we can escape to other places where it can offer us what life is really about; adventures and (possibly) self-discovery. Many of us who have been through puberty and would understand that discovery is a large thing in our lives, I believe that travelling would help us. It’s not about how we dress or look but what makes us understand what the world can offer us and what we can offer to ourselves or vice versa in the sense of comfort, mentally or even emotionally. Travelling gives us a thicker skin of which would/can help us defeat what our society has to offer us and what will come in the future.

I think that going to India is like an escape to the world we live in. I live in a reality where looks and popularity is a big thing and I’m getting tired of it because it makes me feel as though I can’t show my full potential of becoming the person I am. This trip to India is important to me because anywhere but the world I live in gives me a space of which I can let out what it’s like to be myself and to discover other riches in life.  I want to learn about the life and culture that India has because I’m getting used to a reality that isn’t particularly real. Living in a city doesn’t give us the things we should enjoy in life; adventure. I believe that India will offer us a reality of which the world is currently going through not a fantasy. India will give us an understanding of what people outside the city live like and I need to open my eyes to have that understanding.

Hopefully the trip that will be starting in 3 DAYS will be eye-opening to all of us. Hopefully all of us will take in the reality that India is currently offering to us and take that away with us. What our trip has to offer is more than just a rugged travel through Bengal to Sikkim but an experience that we won’t forget. We will be given the essence of what life is like and what their culture is like and we shouldn’t take advantage to this opportunity as it may be a once in a life time experience for maybe all of us.

This post is a little bit cringey, I understand, but I wanted to share my insights towards this trip with you guys.

I’ll see you guys in a few days 🙂

(I attached one of the sunsets that I took when I was back home in Bali and one from a boat trip in Komodo Island)