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My name is Harry and I just completed my freshman school year. I’m 15, live in New York City and go to Saint Anns School in Brooklyn Heights. I love playing basketball, reading historical fiction and playing jazz drums among other things.

Before joining this program, I had never done any sleepaway camp or similar programs to this, so its an entirely new experience for me. A big reason why I chose to go to Guatemala is because prior to this trip, I had little to no knowledge of Guatemala’s culture and history and I wanted to gain an understanding of both. Any reason why I wanted to go on this trip, is because, like many of you I’m sure, I wanted to improve my Spanish, and since my mother is Puerto Rican, I see learning it as something that is extremely important and necessary to my growth as a person. Although I have little experience hiking and almost none staying somewhere without my family, I’m more than excited to go on this trip with you guys.