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Hey guys!

My name is Carson! I am an avid hiker, fisher, kayaker and just in general a lover of anything outside, spending as much time as I can there. One of the main draws to this course is the opportunity to be surrounded by the Peruvian landscape and to get to adventure in it. I am also incredibly excited about our home stays and the ways in which we will get to interact with the people, culture, and families that we will come in contact with.

I run track at my high school, and my main event is pole vault. Whenever possible, I am listening to music… from The Beatles to A Tribe Called Quest to Frank Sinatra to Childish Gambino. The only time that I prefer life without music is when I am hiking, because I love to listen to the sounds around me, especially the birds.

I think that one of the most challenging aspects of this course will be the trekking in the high altitude, which is something that I have never experienced before. Having the opportunity to be fully submerged in the Peruvian culture and being able to learn more Spanish really excites me.

Pachamama: I found that she is a deity for the native people of the Andes. She represents fertility and life in general. She has control of planting and harvesting crops, she represents an embodiment of the mountains and she can cause earthquakes. She sounds super interesting and I can’t wait to see how she is incorporated into this course.

Can’t wait to meet y’all!