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My name is Monica Stoney and I live in Santa Barbara, California with my mom, dad, and brother. I just finished Freshman year, and for my Sophomore year I am going to a boarding school in Ojai called Thacher. I play indoor volleyball and beach volleyball, and love to spend time at the beach. I go on hikes on the hills behind my house often, but have only been backpacking once two years ago, so the trek is probably going to be a very new experience for me.

For my sixth grade year, I lived in Panama and went to a Panamanian school there. I learned Spanish, but since then have not used it as much as I would have liked to, so I am hoping to improve my Spanish on this trip. In addition to living in Panama, I have traveled all over Central and South America with my family and my classmates. I have been to Guatemala 4 times before to visit a family we sponsor who lives in Guatemala City. I absolutely love the culture, and am exited to explore different parts of the country.

On this trip I am hoping to make long lasting friendships and just have a very memorable experience. I am so exited to see you all so soon!