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Hey everyone! My name is Anja (it’s pronounced Anne-yah). I’m 16, and just finishing grade ten. My last final exam is on June 27th, so it’ll be a quick transition, but I can’t wait for our trip together! I love music, theatre, the outdoors, hanging out with friends, and really any kind of adventure, which is kind of why I wanted to go on this trip.

I live in the province of Alberta, in Canada and I’m about a three hour drive from the Rocky Mountains, great for hiking and camping, which me and my mom usually like to incorporate into the trips we take. Two years ago we went to Peru and did a five day hike to Machu Picchu, which was an amazing experience. More recently, over spring break this year, we took a trip to Arizona and hiked down and back up the Grand Canyon over 4 days, which was also super cool.

I can imagine that the Latin American culture I experienced in Peru might be sort of similar to that of Guatemala, but I really have no experience with Central America. I also have no experience with Spanish, besides little words here and there, but I speak French, so I’m hoping the similarities might help me out a little bit?

I hope that, amongst other things, this group can connect through fun and laughter, even though that sounds cheesy. I’m a pretty silly person and I just think having fun is a great way to build a good group dynamic.

I’m so excited to explore the culture of Guatemala in every aspect, and also to learn Spanish. I think it’ll be scary but also so cool to be able to practice it in a homestay setting.

Looking forward to meeting everyone! See you all soon.

– Anja