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My Trip to China so far…

For the past couple of days, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to stay with my exchange pal, Stig. He and his family have been so welcoming, providing me with a place to sleep, a warming household, and lots of food and drink to consume.

Stig’s parents have limited English communication with me.  Despite this complication, I have enjoyed the conversations I have had either translated through Stig or communicated in their broken English.

Mrs. Chen has been a great cook and mentor.  After cooking a meal of lovely lo mein or delicious dumplings, we try to discuss our differences and shared  similarities  between western and Chinese culture and society.

Mr. Chen has been a sweet, grateful man who has invested much of his time to drive stigs family and me everywhere. Like Stig’s mother, he, too, has tried engaging in conversation with me. During dinners, we’ve had fun “language trading,” where we would ask each other how to say specific words in our native languages.

I have Really enjoyed my stay so far. I am really looking forward to many more great things to come!