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Participant Introduction: Orestes

Dear Silk Road Instructors and Fellow Participants,

Hello from Westchester County, New York!  My name is Orestes, and I will be 17 this September.  I just finished 11th grade with my last final exam yesterday. I was born here in the United States and have one older sibling, Alexander, 19, who just completed his second year of college. Our parents were born in Greece.

This is my second journey with Dragons.  Last summer, I was a participant in the Dragons Thailand Summer Program, a 4-week travel experience that instilled in me newfound understanding of and appreciation for the people, culture, sites, religion, and way of life in rural Thailand.  

I look forward to meeting everyone in the morning of June 28 in just 13 days and becoming a family of explorers over six weeks!

With great anticipation,