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Pausing for reflection

For me, today was one for reflection. Although there was misinterpreted body language, we put away our differences and truly bonded with meaningful conversations about the day before, but that is just my opinion. But more interestingly, we went to the park and there were monkey bars and pull up bars and I have been able to show my nonexistent yet existing core strength while I pulled myself up the bar. People were awestruck for sure. A couple of my classmates and I sat on the top of the monkey bars and watched as Sammi and Ben had a competition of who was better. I stayed unbiased through the competition and decided it was best to stay silent. I had a great ranting session with one of my Where There Be Dragons instructors about my shoe preferences and how platforms are the best instead of playing ultimate frisbee (or whatever they were playing). It was a pretty fun and eventful day.