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Pico Iyer’s Why We Travel Quesions

1. Traveling to me and when you look between the lines of all the main destinations and attractions, and try to find out what the area is all about. An example of tourism is going to a resort in Mexico while ignoring everything else happening in the country.

2. Lessons Iyer talks about are finding a new vision or perspective on themselves, valuing and accepting being fearful in situations, and being curious and asking questions about the area.

3. You can definitely travel within your own country. For me Canada has so many different areas where people function in a completely different way than other areas. Every couple of provinces can make you feel as if you are in a whole different country.

4. I would like to respect the area and attempt to speak the language as much as I can instead of resorting them to speak English. I don’t want to hold back on asking questions if I have any for the instructors, homestay family, or anyone else.

Here is my quote that was for the introduction: “Don’t count the days, make the days count.” – Muhammad Ali. This quote resonates with me to not take any day for granted, especially on this trip as it will seem like I’ll have a long time there at the beginning but the days will fly by.

– Aiden