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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Pre-Departure Reading and Themes

Over the next six weeks, Joseph and Lauren will share readings and media links on this Yak Board for you to review, reflect and share your observations and thoughts.  The materials will be based on three central strands that run through the broad and numerous topics of related to this course.

  • Change and Tradition
  • Center and Periphery (Ethnic Diversity)
  • The Environment/Sustainability

Apart from these content-focused themes, we’d also like to focus on the meta-goals of developing skills for cultural immersion, and strategies for demystifying China with your students.

After each themed post on the field notes, you will be invited to contribute to the discussion by responding to guiding questions or with your own freestyle response.  These readings and online reflections provide the grounding for experiential learning and discussions during the course.

It is useful to reflect on your initial thoughts and expectations before immersing yourself in readings on China and your immersive experience this summer.  Consider the questions you have around these topics as they relate to your current understanding of China and  journal about your thoughts.  We recommend that you keep your notes and read them after you return from home.  You may be surprised by your shift in understandings.

Safe Travels,

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