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Risk it for the biscuit

Orientation is a critically important part of any Dragons course. It’s our time as a group to come together and intentionally set the tone for the rest of the trip. In reflecting on the last couple days, we wanted to share some words that represent the group ethos thus far:

  • open-minded
  • nurturing
  • curious
  • unified

We’ve identified our goals for the course, learned about how to support one another, and already started peeling back the many layers of Bolivian history and culture. As a way of celebrating this opportunity and preparing for what lie ahead, last night we held a ceremony (traditionally known as a K’oa) to offer our appreciation to Pachamama and set aside our fears and apprehensions in exchange for strength and confidence. There couldn’t be a better way to transition from orientation to the next phase of the course than with the arrival of the Andean winter solstice.

As we get ready to leave our beautiful home here in Coroico, inspired by lush green mountains draped like tinsel by the silvery clouds, one thing is clear to us as instructors – this is a special group ready to take on the next couple weeks with humility and an eagerness to learn.

Over the next couple days, we’ll be in La Paz, exploring its nooks and crannies from above in the city’s impressive teleferico (gondola system) and preparing for the upcoming Choro trek, which will take us from the heights of the Cordillera Central down through multiple ecosystems to end in a completely different world, the high rainforest.

The students are excited to embrace the discomfort and the unfamiliar to turn it into a transformative experience. In other words, to “risk it for the biscuit!”

– Britten & Jessie