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Yo what up!?  It took us about an hour to find this computer, so you should appreciate this yak! It is a chilly and rainy day in Samaipata and we´re carrying 30 pieces of bread. We have had an uber fun time so far! We have not pet any cats or dogs but Leigh is having trouble resisting the urge. We have had WAAYY too much coffee and we are still trying to find coke (the drink) (maybe) for LE. We are 99% sure that Mr.Cox the Mailbox  might have a bug in his ear but he is being a good sport. Mr.Vincent is putting up with our antics but Luis and Itza aint seen nothing yet.  This is Vincy´s group signing off, over and out, peace and blessings. #noonesdiedyet

p.s. the kids next to us are playing Fortnite #victoryroyale!


Mom and Dad I´m fine you don’t need to call Mr. Vincent