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See you soon!

Hello everyone!

Avery, Tindy, and I are in L.A. eagerly awaiting your arrival and the start of our course. We just wrapped up our two-week training in the stunning light and beauty of the Eastern Sierras.

If any of you have any last minute questions, comments, or concerns please shoot us a text or an email to: [email protected] or 203 644 6163.

If not, we will see you at the hotel before our flight to China (except for Tindy, Spencer, Eli, and Nichos who we will be meeting up with in China)

As a reminder, after you arrive, proceed to baggage claim and gather your bags. Exit the terminal and wait on the traffic island under the red Off-Airport Shuttle Bus sign. Look for a van with a red and white Dragons magnet on the side. Our vans will be making continuous loops, but due to LA traffic, you may need to wait. If the van does not arrive after 45 minutes, please call the office at 303-413-0822.


Marcus, Avery, and Tindy