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Serene Beauty; Wednesday at Beijing 101

Today was a calm day at Beijing 101. Our day started in ELA class with the 101 students. Together we discussed the persuasiveness of arguments before peer-reviewing the 101 student’s english papers. Though a common occurrence at Norfolk Academy it was made much more interesting given the wide range of topics and the lack of stress over our own papers. After a short break the NA students enjoyed a class about tea. We enjoyed trying different kinds of tea and learning the history behind them. The soothing aroma and the opportunity to practice our calligraphy once more created a very calm and quite atmosphere. Though a rainstorm during our lunch break forced us inside, we found similarly tranquil activities there. As the rain slowed to a drizzle we went to Yuan Ming Yuan, or the old summer palace. Once there we were let loose to roam freely. Everyone was free to enjoy the beauty of the palace as the weather slowly turned from rain to shine. My group enjoyed getting lost and taking every opportunity to appreciate and photograph whatever caught our eye. We eventually all found our way back and returned to campus for some free time before we returned back for our last night with our host families, which will be filled for us all with tearful goodbyes. Though we all have many beautiful pictures to take home with us, the memories of the serenity of the palace and the sense of well being found in the tea will be even more valuable.