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Student Intro

Hi! My name is Kayla Hutto. I am 17 years old and recently just graduated high school, and I’ll be heading to college in San Diego this fall semester.  I have dreamed of traveling to South America since I was a kid, and I feel super grateful and excited that I finally get to do that in less then two weeks! I currently live in a rural, quaint town in Central California called Ripon and my house is surrounded by almond orchards, cherries, walnuts and cows (1/4 of the students at my high school showed up in cowboy hats on a daily basis.) To keep me busy, I love to read and write, and try as many new things as possible. My favorite place to be is outside, especially when it doesn’t smell like manure. I come from a military family so I’ve moved around a fair bit in my life, some places including Washington, Texas and Okinawa, Japan.

I have studied a bit of Peruvian history of the Inca, conquistadors, and missionary influence in school. I wouldn’t say theres a significant about of Peruvian influence in my area, more a predominate influence from Mexico. Its popular to wear Ponchos as “beach style” which have originated in the Andes Mountains and ceviche, which also came from Peru is something I have frequently ordered in a Japanese restaurant.
My physical home has constantly changed through out my whole life, so I guess I’ve been used to calling home wherever my family was at the time. What never fails to make me relax is a nice warm place to sleep.

(The picture is of my brother, Robert, on the right, a family friend on the left, and me in the middle at my graduation.)