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Students independent study project (ISP)

Hi students,

We hope that you are healthy and excited for our upcoming adventure! Here we’d like to introduce you to the students independent study project (ISP)

So what is ISP? We say ISP is your passions that you’d love to put your hands, head and heart on, to dig deep into certain topic in which aspire your ambition for life long experience.

Here are our proposal and you are more than welcome to coming with your own ideas:

Daily routine:

-Local Farming skills

-Seed and Sustainability

-Thai cuisine (cooking)

-Handy craft and art.

-Music and local instruments

-Muay Thai! (Thai kick boxing)

-Thai massage!

-Local Folktales

-Beauty standard

Development and Social :

-Impact of tourism

-traveler vs tourist

-Gender roles

-Immigration in Thailand

-Land use and Ecology

Religion and beliefs:

-Buddhism (practice)

-Understanding Animism

-History of missionaries

-Thai traditional ceremonies and events

-Thai taboos.

We would to encourage to think about the reasons WHY you’d to travel to Thailand, and begin your passion to study independently from that point with our support on course. And please reach to your instructors anytime if you have any questions. We are happy to see you are inspired!

All the best,

Your I-team!