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Tentative Itinerary

Hello Nueva Students, Families and Staff!

“The secret point of travel, which is to take a plunge to go inwardly as well as outwardly to places you would never go otherwise, to venture into uncertainty, ambiguity, even fear” – Pico Iyer.

With this quote in mind. Jess and I want to present you with our tentative itinerary for your upcoming program. Our itinerary is intentionally a little bit vague. That’s so we can be a bit flexible and respond to group needs in real time while together.

So, without further adieu, our 2018 Nueva Thailand tentative itinerary:

July 30-31:

Flights from SFO to Chiang Mai via Hong Kong.

July 31- August 3:

The group will land in Chiang Mai airport at 14:30 on 31 July 2018. Jess and I will meet you there with big smiles. We will take you to our accomodation, settle you in and then begin orientation. In Chiang Mai you will see the most of typical lifestyles of “Khon Muang”- people of northern Thailand. Get ready to try the northern Thai cuisine and tropical fruits. We will definitely eat the most famous coconut and curry flavoured noodle soup “Kao Soi”, served widely in Chiang Mai and other areas in the north.

While in Chiang Mai, we will learn about Theravada Buddhism, elephant conservation, and of course we will visit the beautiful temples of Chiang Mai. We will pay a visit to the Migrants Assistance Program Foundation (MAP), a Non-Government Organisation that has been helping Burmese migrants living and working in Thailand. This is a great opportunity to learn about the highland peoples of Thailand who are considered stateless. We’ll also visit Earth Rights International a fantastic NGO that assists local community groups all over the world to fight for their human rights.

Note: Accomodation will be in a local guest house (students sleeping 3 to a room).

August 4:

Bidding farewell to the city we will move to stay with the Dara’Ang people at the Dara-Ang Development Project (DDP) site. Here there is a strong youth movement who you will learn directly from about their struggles being a minority in Thailand. We will camp out in tents in an old house, enjoy hot springs, star gaze and ask deep questions about our experience so far.

Note: Accomodation will be in tents inside a house structure. We will all be together (students sleeping 2-3 to a tent).

August 5-7:

From DDP, we will travel by a van to a village called Baan Hua Hin Lad Nai which is a Karen community. Here we will learn about the culture of our hosts and of course, trek. The trek is not too strenuous but you should come prepared for all elements. The path we will take leads us through beautiful nature. Our local guides will teach us about the issues they have faced trying to conserve and cultivate their land.

Note: Accomodation will be in the village in houses. Homestay families have hosted students before (students sleeping 2-3 per house).

August 8-10:

We will then travel to a village called Mae Tha, where we will are privileged to be part of the local community. We will stay with families who have experience hosting students(students sleeping 2-3 per house). This is an amazing opportunity for us to live like a local, cook like a local and eat like a local. Mae Tha Group is a cluster of communities whose aim is to live sustainably, relying only on themselves reliance. We will learn about sustainable ways of life such as seed saving, fishing, organic agriculture, and house building.

Note: Accomodation will be in the village in houses. Homestay families have hosted students before (students sleeping 2-3 per house).

August 11-13:

From the village stay, we will go to the train station near Mae Tha to catch our overnight train to Bangkok, Thailand’s city of angels. This will give us time to digest our experiences in rural Thailand. We will also take this opportunity to explore interesting places such as temples and markets. We’ll reflect back on what we have learned together and say goodbye to each other here.

Note: Accomodation will be in a local guest house by the Chao Phraya River (students sleeping 2-3 per room).

August 14:

Early morning flight from Bangkok to SFO via Hong Kong. We will need to get into our airport vans at around 5 AM sharp!

Jess and I are very excited for this trip! We hope that you are too!