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The Real Farm Animals of Tibet

Over the course of our homestay, me and a couple other of students have been naming all of the animals that reside in the village and have also given them intricate backstories.

Our first animal (and one of our favorites) is a small pink piglet who we named Ricky. Ricky currently is caught between a love triangle between two other cows: one a small brown calf named Martha, and the other is a large brown and white cow named Lila. unfortunately during our stay here we have observed that although Ricky attempts to fit in with the other pigs in the farm the idea of him joining the pig clique is not a popular opinion among the other pigs, so Ricky tends to get bullied by them. That’s alright though, because although Martha knows that Ricky has a thing for Lila she is always willing to snuggle him. Because of how alluring Ricky is he has adopted the catchphrase “Everyone wants the bacon”.

Our second animal is a small brown calf named Martha. Martha is a rather shy and insecure cow, though based on her backstory we can’t really blame her. Martha’s mother Lila neglects her and never gives her any attention. While from time to time Lila seems to not love Martha, she secretly does! despite that their relationship can be described as “complicated” based on the behavior we have seen from both of them. While being in the village we have observed that Martha does not seem to mingle with the other animals, and she seems to only enjoy hanging out with Ricky and her mom Lila. Even when bribing her with food Martha does not seem to enjoy coming close to any of the students. despite her timidness we all enjoy Martha’s presence! She really is quite an adorable cow!

Our next cow is Lila, Martha’s mother. Lila was really into the sorority scene when she was younger, but when she accidentally had Martha she began to become more serious with her life and began to focus more on philanthropy (you know, what sororities were intended to be about). Though because of this life decision she has become more separated with the sisters in her sorority. In order for Lila to continue to have a stable relation with the other cows in her sorority, she feels obligated to neglect attention towards her calf despite the fact she secretly loves her. For a brief period of time Lila had a thing for Ricky (as previously stated everyone wants the bacon) though after finding out Ricky’s affair with Lila she became more distant from him.

We have two other cows who were in the cow sorority: Barbara, and Rachel. Barbara is a large brown cow who is a little insecure with herself so in order for her to feel emotionally stable she continues to participate in parties that the sorority plans despite the fact that she has two young calves named Alex and Stacy (though it’s really Stacy’s mom whose got it going on). nevertheless she still finds time to care for her two young calves. On this trip Barbara has also been able to catfish Anna by pretending to posses the identity of a male cow named Alejandro. Rachel (a large blackish brown cow) on the other hand does not have any calves and because of that she enjoys being the life of every party! As the president of her sorority she is a little angered how Lila does not participate in sorority gatherings and parties, despite her anger she still accepts her as being apart of the sorority.

Then we have the pigs in the pig clique; these pigs include Stewart, Brody, and Marcus. Stewart is the smallest pig of the three and if it wasn’t for Ricky he would be the one that would be pushed around. despite that though, he still feels he has a large amount of supremacy over Ricky and constantly abuses him. Brody is the second largest pig of the three, and while he is well aware that he has superiority over both Ricky and Stewart he does not act arrogant although he still bully’s Ricky. Lastly we have Marcus, the largest of the three pigs. Marcus is the big bad pig of the pig pen and doesn’t give anyone the time of day (partially because he doesn’t have any concept of time). He frequently pushes Ricky around as well as he will sometimes even threaten Brody and Stewart (especially when they’re in the way of him getting food). The reason behind all three of the pigs mass bullying towards Ricky is because they all grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, and because of their unfortunate childhood they have become ruthless and selfish.

We then have another pig who lived on the other side of the village with Hayden named Napoleon (that’s right, we made a George Orwell reference). We have confirmed the Napoleon is far greater than all of us, and his awesomeness definitely trumps all of ours. Kayla, in fact, had a major crush on Napoleon, though he does not feel the same affection towards her. Kayla finds this rather unfortunate.

Next we have two chickens named Becky and Betty. They both very much enjoy watching drama stir between all the animals, but they themselves only desire attention from the other farm animals. unfortunately for them though, none of the animals notice them (in fact very few recognize their existence). Because of this lack of attention both Betty and Becky have become edgy and spend their time leaning back and forth over the edge of the pig pen.

We then have three cats named Molly, Marty, and Carly. Molly and Marty don’t enjoy hanging out with the other animals or the students for that matter, but secretly they both have tons of dirt under everyone who lives in the village and they are both unafraid of using this information of everyone to their advantage. Yes, it is secretly Marty and Molly who are the masterminds and the overlords in the village. Carly is more social than both Molly and Marty, and she enjoys hanging out with both the people in the village and the animals. In fact she is actually an honorary member in the pig clique.

Lastly we have a dog who the villagers like to call Kuno (which means puppy in Tibetan). Kuno unfortunately is forced to be separated from the other animals in order for him to be a guard dog. Kuno though is not afraid of attacking the other animals and has once attacked Ricky during our stay here. Kuno managed to escape from his chained collar and farted towards Ricky, though once he got to Ricky he had no clue what to do so he froze up and we managed to stop him. It was kind of like one of those moments where you’ve daydreamed about something for so long and when it finally happens you have no clue what to do cause you never thought you would actually get this far. If Kuno hadn’t froze up Ricky would have definitely become a scooby snack. Yep, nobody can resist the bacon!