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The Trek

Hello All!

So far this trip has been loads of fun! We just finished our 4 day Trek through the Andes, where we started at 17 thousand ft and hiked all the way down to 5 thousand ft. Through this trek, we saw a lot of animals but my favorite animals that we saw was the two wild horses, llamas, and an armidillo. During this trek, it was mostly downhill except for two uphill mountains, one called “El Diablo”, which means devil. It was a steep uphill climb with steps and it has rightfully aquired the name, ¨The Devil¨. After the trek, we headed to La Paz where we quickly showered and got into clean clothes and then drove  to a small village at lake Titicaca, named Santiago de Okola. We all were paired and were assigned a host family. I was paired with Livy, and we lived with a younger woman and her 6 year old son for 2 nights. We are currently back in La Paz and we are headed to Cochobamba, which is about an 8 hour car ride from La Paz. This trip has been so amazing and I have learned so much about the culture in Bolivia and the history.