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Tian’anmen Square

Today our group of 14 students, 3 teachers, and one tour guide walked through the crowded Tian’anmen Square. While learning the history of this famous site in Beijing, we took pictures of the landmarks, and learned that Chinese tourists also like to take pictures with us; many of them posed with us while a friend snapped a shot. From seriously considering all the history in this one section to taking selfies with Mao’s portrait, one thing stuck out to me the most: this square was a part of my World Cultures class in 9th grade. Only one year ago, nearly all of us sat in the classroom to learn about Tian’anmen Square, its history, and its impact on the world. Today, we walked through it. Not only does it provide a new perspective to your education, but seeing such important landmarks in the world also humbles you. It’s a rare but awe-inspiring experience to see your textbook come to life, and I know we all feel so blessed to have this opportunity.