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Typhoid and Yellow Fever

Our pediatrician’s travel nurse was very non-committal about the Typhoid and Yellow Fever vaccines. I’d love to hear what Dragons folks think. We are a minimal vaccination family but of course want our son to have what he needs.

Response: Both of these vaccines are commonly recommended for travel to Peru.  Yellow Fever is considered low risk in the Puerto Maldonado area where the group will travel in the Peruvian Amazon, but we have heard reports of an increased incidence of Yellow Fever in the Peruvian tropics generally over the past couple of years.  Many students do decide to get the Yellow Fever vaccine for travel to Peru, although we have never had a diagnosis of Yellow Fever on any of our programs in South America.

Similarly, while some traveler’s diarrhea can be expected while traveling in rural parts of South America, we do not frequently see students diagnosed with typhoid specifically.  Most students do receive the typhoid vaccine for participation on our Peru programming, while many of our instructors do not.  We feel that the risk of GI illness can be greatly decreased by sanitary practices, and the instructors will train to that during the program orientation.  At the same time, students should be aware that typhoid is present in Peru and recommended by the CDC.