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Walking Around Urubamba!

Hey all!

Just spent a day on the town in our group of 3 navigating a scavenger hunt that was given to us by our instructor Anna!

Tava- Urubamba is a beautiful town, every where I look there is a mountain in the distance. The food here has been AMAZING. Our gracious hosts have prepared our meals thus far, and today was our first time walking around Urubamba where we found a local lunch place and pretty much guessed what ingredients were in the dishes. There is a dog who stays near our ecolodge that reminds me so much of Spike, it was comforting. We also “adopted” a cat who stays in the area and named her Lola. She definitely slept in our cabana last night(?).  We have a few more nights here in Catan and Urubamba before we leave for our 5 day trek through the base of Ausuguante(?). Will post again soon and hopefully with pics!

Asher- the Miami airport was massive and hectic, so I was very relieved to find our group. ive been really enjoying the company of our group–we´ve had some great conversations already. flying into cusco was surreal because the city is surrounded by jagged snow-capped mountains. urubamba, where we are right now, is a town full of very kind people and also surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains. we´ve been hearing a mix of spanish and quecha, and we´ve run into some other travelers and backpackers, including people from london, france, austria and argentina. eating and sleeping well! miss you

Taya- Today we did a “scavenger hunt” around Urubama. The town has a market that has so many fruits and vegtables. We bought a interesting looking fruit, avocados, and bread. We also sat in a park in town!