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‌A hands-on experience

‌Today I washed my clothes with Ruby, Khepera, and Grace. To my surprise, hand-washing my clothes outside was not at all a burden and rather quite fun! Doing laundry by hand provides an opportunity to talk with and get to know to the people you are washing your clothes with. Instead of at home, where one can mindlessly throw clothes in the washing machine without much thought, washing by hand takes time, and each action must be thought out. For instance, one must pay attention to where he/she is putting his/her clothes. If the clothes are put somewhere that is dirty, the clothes become dirty and the whole process needs to start over again, which can be a pain.

I very much enjoyed that we washed out clothes outside rather than inside. It gave me the opportunity to interact with the environment, including the people that walked by. One girl in particular was very intrigued with our washing. She splashed me and I splashed her with the water and soon enough, I had made a new friend. From singing One Direction, to making jokes, to talking about life, to making a new friend, hand-washing clothes outside was a very enjoyable experience that I would be glad to repeat. Mom–maybe I will start doing laundry at home 😉

‌PS : To my family: I love you all and I thank you for giving me this opportunity which so far has been amazing! Miss you and I hope you are having an awesome time at home/camp!