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2 Days In Guatemala!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala! We have spent a full two days here in a small town on the border of Lago Atitlan. After flying in our chartered flight to Guatemala city (:D) we rode  a bus to our hostel here. The views are gorgeous; we are surrounded by 3 volcanoes (all active) and the lake. The city itself is beautiful, full of colors, and the people here are pretty nice and tolerant of a bunch of crazy American tourists. We had our first foray into the practice of the Spanish language by bargaining for fruit in the market.

Yesterday we visited IMAP, a permaculture institute, where we learned about agricultural practice and how it related to Mayan philosophy. They had a lot of crazy compost and recycling systems, and we were impressed at how much they thought about every little detail.

We’re super excited, can’t wait for the next adventures!

Eleanor, Eric, and Maya