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A Week in San Juan La Laguna!

Hey Everyone!

Our first full week has passed in San Juan La Laguna and as things are winding down I guess it’s about time for a rundown of the events.

Upon arrival, we all got to our homestays. I spent mine with Olga, Antonio, and their son, Ashton. He took a liking to my Rubik’s Cube and likes the same music I do, so there were no problems for me. There was a little bit of a communication barrier but after a few four hour days in the Eco Spanish School, it wasn’t as much of a problem! I learned to take a bucket shower, which was a lot more fun than a regular shower. I started learning the marimbas too! The local tunes are really interesting because the way that they felt rhythm and how they understood harmony is completely different from western culture, so it made it very hard to understand but it’s a lot of fun! The culture here is so different! People would just walk into the building and join in! From the tambor to the shakers to loads of other instruments, the only real limit was physical ability. Yesterday was a family day, and I went to a birthday party with my family. I also went on a hike to a glass cross on top of a mountain. I took some photos but the view is so much better just to be there! Today the students became the masters in our X-Pedition Day. We decided to go to the beach! We attempted to do it flawlessly, but it wasn’t as simple as 1, 2, 3. Organizing transportation was a nightmare for all involved. But when we finally made it, we had a lot of fun in the water and playing frisbee!

That’s all for now. I will attempt to upload the photos later but until then ciao!