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A Wild “Güs” Chase: A Scavenger Hunt in Sikkim’s Capital City

We left the lodge sprinting down the road, with Sam in the lead. Sam thought we had much less time than we actually, hence her sprint. It was already half way through the hunt when we realized that we actually had an hour and 10 minutes left not just 10 minutes. Despite our unnecessary haste, fatigue, sweat, and sore feet, we were able to find nearly every item on the list. To our surprise, the most difficult item to find was patanjari surf (laundry detergent).  We struggled with most of the foods and medicines because of confusing directions and a language barrier, but almost everyone was more than willing to talk to us and help us. We really enjoyed the experience because of out newfound independence and the sudden immersion into Gangtok. We are excited to explore the city more (at a significantly more leisurely pace 😉