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Arrival to Lanna (Chiang Mai)

The moon, still virtually full, shines down over us and the mysterious, lush mountains of Northern Thailand as we journey by train towards our next destination: The Kingdom of Lanna. As the train rocks us to sleep our dreams are brilliantly brightened with the stories of magical mythologies that wake into being another way of seeing and being altogether, one unique indeed to the people of this particular land but available to all who are humble enough to keep open both the mind and heart.

And as we arrive to Chiang Mai, before morning fully breaks, we walk alongside Theravada monks as they collect alms and offer blessings to the devout. We settle into our new residence at the Indigenous Asia House where we are greeting with great courtesy by our new Akkha friends before we head to the revered Buddhist temple, Wat Suan Dok where we will soon have one on one conversations with ordained monks before having lunch at a local farm to table restaurant (we will be staying at the farm whom provided these foods in a few short days!).

How beautiful this world is. How many amazing ways to be. And yet how similar too we all are, how fragile and precious and vulnerable.

The monsoon clouds slowly roll in.